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N E I L  Y A T E S




New for 2023...

My "Around 87 Miles" project is now available on Bandcamp - two albums and two singles!
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Around 87 Miles is my exploration of my first major influence - Miles Davis' music from the 80s & 90s period, as documented in George Cole's inspiring book "The Last Miles".  Click on the images above to go to Bandcamp where you can listen free or buy the albums at a price that suits you.  They feature saxophone solos from Dean Masser and guitar solos from Zsolt Bende.  Otherwise they are entirely self-produced.  I hope you enjoy them. There are also 2 singles available from the same project, not included on the albums.  Click the images below for those.  Also you should buy The Last Miles book!  A wealth of information on this much maligned period of Miles' music, setting the record(s) straight!

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Get Outa My Face (single)

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Bogus Bards and Beatboxers (single)

Author of "The Last Miles" George Cole has reviewed the albums for Jazz Views.  See what he has to say here:

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Live JAZZ every Monday at The Penrhyn Arms, Pemdre Road, Penrhynside, LL30 3 Y

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Llandudno Jazz Club

The Penrhyn Arms, Pendre Road, Penrhynside, Llandudno LL30 3BY

Every Monday 8pm - Alternating weekly traditional jazz and modern jazz

Arnie Somogyi's Mingus quartet celebrate Mingus' 100th birthday live at NAC.

Tony Kofi alto, Arnie Somogyi double bass, 

Neil Yates trumpet, Andrew Bain Drums

The Chet Baker legacy - trio with Dave Newton piano and Arnie Somogyi double bass live at Jazz Upfront, St Mary's,  Aylesbury

Quintet playing original tunes over standard changes - with Dean Masser sax, Andrzej Baranek piano, Ed Harrison bass, Hugh Lawrence drums

Bootleg Zone!

Recent live gigs - listen to the bootleg, free!

All kinds of jazz here!!

Qunitet vibes with the fabulous Alex Clarke at Llandudno Jazz Club.  6th June 2022.

Tim Williams guitar, Gavin Barras double bass, George Grundy drums 

Cool gig with Stuart's quartet at Matt & Phreds 6th April 2023

I was proper chuffed to play with Soweto Kinch's amazing quartet at Ronnies, then Liverpool! With Nick Jurd bass and Jason Brown drums

Jim Bashford drums, Neil Yates trumpet, Tom Remon guitar, James Owston double bass live in London 

Quintet with Gilad Atzmon live at The Penrhyn Arms Llandudno

Traditional New Orleans jazz from Trumpet Fatty!

Liam Byrne reeds, Andy MacKenzie banjo/guitar, 

Andrew MacKenzie trombone, Neil Yates trumpet

The Chet Baker legacy - trio with Richard Wetherall piano and Dave Green double bass live at Southport Jazz Festival

The Chet Baker legacy - trio with Nigel Price guitar and Arnie Somogyi double bass live at Ollie Vees Tiki Lounge


Well sadly our lovely jazz festival will never again happen at Bodafon Farm Park.  The venue is in it's final year having made huge losses over the Covid debacle, and other venues in the area are either too expensive to hire, or simply aren't cool enough for a jazz festival, i.e. plagued by red tape and licences and council nonsense.  

I am looking into ideas for a city based winter festival elsewhere in the UK, perhaps early 2024.

Now offering 1 to 1


Want to know the big secret about Jazz improvisation? I am now offering lesson over the internet via the free video call services SKYPE and FACETIME.  




Get 1 to 1 tuition in:






...your own home !!



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Online Lessons


new origins (2005)

five countries (2011)

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